Rotator Types
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Random : The random rotator will just select a random URL from your list of sites, based on the law of averages your sites will always receive roughly the same amount of hits.

Least Hit : The least hit rotator will always select the site that's received the least amount of hits from your list of sites, this type of rotator can be useful if you have just added a new URL to the rotator and you want it to receive more traffic, once the hits are equal the least hit rotator will act just like the sequential rotator below.

Sequential : The sequential rotator will show your sites one after another, this type of rotator will share the traffic out evenly between your sites.

Weighted / Ratio:

This rotator will share out the hits based on the weight/ratio set for each URL, each weight can be a figure between 1 and 100, and the total of all weights cannot exceed 100.

Why do my weights change after they have been saved?
Because they total more than 100 and have to be adjusted.

Do my weights have to total 100?
No they dont, if you had 3 URL's in your rotator you could set their weights to 3,2,1 this means the first URL would get three times more traffic than the third URL and the second URL would get twice as much as the third URL. Setting the the weights of the URL's to 30,20,10 would share our the traffic the same way.

How even is the distribution of the hits?
The distribution of hits is based on the law of averages, this means each URL will get close to the correct number of hits but it will not be exact. To show you this distribution we sent 1000 hits to a rotator setup with their weights set to 3,2,1, ideally this should have resulted in the hits being distributed as follows 500/333/166, with the first URL getting 3 sixths of the traffic, the second getting 2 sixths and the third getting 1 sixth of the traffic, below is the real world results (We ran the same test 5 times) as you can see the results are fairly close to 500/333/166 but not exact.


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